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Votes / ratings for all the reedmakers are summarized here. The table can be sorted. Click once on the column header to sort on that column in ascending order. Click again to sort descending. A third click cancels the sort.

A. Lakota Reeds35.0
Advantage Oboe Reeds193.4
American Oboe Reed Company84.3
Arundo Reeds and Cane73.4
Back Bay Reeds103.3
Best Oboe Reeds55.0
Bill Roscoe Double Reeds112.6
Billerbeck Oboe Reeds384.1
Boston Double Reed45.0
Britannia Reeds53.2
Cascade Oboe Reeds263.2
Charles Double Reed Company542.6
Chase Oboe Reeds52.8
Chicago Reed Company44.3
Cleveland Reed Company183.9
Colorado Reed Company--Jennifer Ownby273.8
Cooper Wright Reeds454.1
David Cowdy Oboe Reeds103.2
Drew Keller83.8
Edmund Nielsen Woodwinds403.6
Emerald Oboe Reeds372.5
Forrests Music523.1
Fortay Reeds324.6
Gary Armstrong Woodwinds43.8
Girard Reeds94.1
Good Tone Guild654.0
Graham Reeds263.3
HB Oboe Reeds143.4
Hodge Products, Inc.102.8
Infiniti Reeds63.5
Jeanne Oboe Reeds132.8
Jennet Ingle Reeds53.0
Joe Halko Oboe Reeds313.9
Johnson Double Reeds83.9
Jones Double Reed Products1323.1
K. Ge Reeds413.5
Katherine Needleman264.3
Kestrel Reeds112.5
La Voz Reeds362.3
Lisa Hudson Oboe Reeds253.6
MKL Reeds (old)62.3
MKL Reeds 2.054.6
Magic Reed (Kathy Sheinhouse)74.1
Marlin Lesher Reed Company614.0
McFarland Double Reed Shop93.8
Michael Adduci263.2
Nick Winfield Oboe Reeds193.4
North Texas Oboe Reeds and Cane293.6
Oboe Shop84.0
Oboe Stuff53.4
Oxford Reeds154.0
RDG Woodwinds153.3
RKM Double Reeds74.1
Reed Daddy133.8
Reed Pros35.0
Reeds In Case33.7
Reeds That Work64.5
Reliable Reeds133.2
Rico Reeds622.2
Rob McManus44.5
Singin Dog Double Reed Supplies333.0
Stellar Oboe Products323.2
Stray Reeds174.0
Stuart Dunkel613.7
Tabby Toes Reeds122.1
The Reedery183.2
The Reedmaker594.2
Torda Reeds61.7
Weber Reeds204.0
Wright Reeds114.0